Darwin Company is seriously preparing for Chisinau Marathon

Are you willing to implement the spirit of sportsmanship in your organization? Sign in for corporate trainings from the organizers of International Chisinau Marathon (details).

IMG_7134Darwin is not just a network of digital equipment stores. This is a team that appreciates the unconventional approach and self-expression, individuality and freedom, development and adaptability, so participation in sports has long been a lifestyle for Darwin team.

IMG_7115Team Darwin in 2015, took part in many sporting projects and events, organized by Sporter. This sports year started with jogging, namely with the preparation for the second International Chisinau Marathon, so in one of the sunny days, ten employees attended the corporate training from the organizers of Chisinau Marathon to prepare for the April 17 with the professional Sporter Run club trainer, Liviu Croitoru.

IMG_7071Having prepared the sports t-shirts with the company logo, made ​​by the example of Chisinau Marathon t-shirt, Darwin runners were serious about achieving new results in the race. After all, Darwin team is considered a sports team that has long been engaged in running and other sports, promoting a healthy lifestyle, not only within the company, but also among its customers.

IMG_7113The coach, Liviu Croitoru, met Darwin team in the park Valea Morilor, where he held a warm-up and muscles heating. After an active workout, the team began to run, starting with climbing stairs and slopes along the forest path. After completing all the running exercises, the coach made a cooldown for the athletes, then the running continued around the lake.

IMG_7199Darwin burst on the Moldovan market in 2013 and immediately took the lead. After that the market could not be the same. We have made the smartphones market bright, stylish and unusual.

IMG_7245We value our customers. For us, they are not just customers, they are our friends. For such people, we not only sell smartphones, tablets and laptops. We create events, creative contests, exciting promotions and gifts.

IMG_7266We help to improve and develop, follow what’s new in the world of technology and software, fashion trends in accessories, create their own style and make full use of new technologies.

IMG_7272We believe that this is the right way. And we’re not going to stop. We are continuously improving service quality and expanding the range of our services. Come to any branch of Darwin and see for yourself. Grow in a technological way!

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IMG_7301If you have never ran before, now is the time to prepare for the second Chisinau Marathon, which will be held on April 17, 2016. For the second consecutive year, more than 10,000 athletes will run through the streets of Chisinau. It is your friendly staff that may be able to qualify for the title “Best sports team of Moldova” by taking part in the 10 km race!

Get the details about corporate races here, as well as by phone: +373 79996953 and e-mail: marathon@marathon.md.


We remind you that the second International Chisinau Marathon will be held on April 17th, 2016, in the center of Chisinau at the distances of 42 km, 21km, 10 km and 3 km.

Registration is available on marathon.md.

David Lutsyk for marathon.md