Be sure to sign the Declaration of Chisinau Marathon!

декларация ENGAttention!

April 15th, 16th and 17th are the working days of distribution points of starter packs and numbers among Chisinau Marathon participants at distances of 10, 21 and 42km. We ask each athlete to provide the Declaration of Marathon participant, printed and signed, with the identity card to the organizers of the marathon at the Sport Expo, which will be located on the Great National Assembly Square.

This Declaration is obligatory for all participants of Chisinau Marathon (10, 21 and 42 km). The Declaration contains the description of 16 important points that you must familiarize with, as well as some lines for filling, followed by signing the document.

The participant, who has not signed and submitted the Declaration to Sporter Organization, will not receive the participant’s starter pack and number, and, respectively, will not be allowed to participate in Chisinau Marathon.

If You (the participant of the marathon) can not come to the Sport Expo zone for taking your starter pack and participant’s number, you can entrust this matter to your representative by signing the paragraph “Delegating the starter pack distribution” at the end of the Declaration. So you can send your proxy to get your starter pack.

Please, be sure to sign the Declaration of the participant and to comply with all the participation rules in the Chisinau Marathon.


Working hours of Sport Expo, registration tent and starter packs distribution can be found in the SCHEDULE.

We remind you that the second International Chisinau Marathon will be held on April 17th, 2016, in the center of Chisinau on the distances of 42 km, 21 km, 10 km and 3km.

Registration is available on the website: