Liviu Croitoru tells us how to learn to run a 10K within a month

Liviu Croitoru, the coach of the running club Sporter Run, gave an interview to, where he told about the benefits and importance of running, as well as about the advantages of corporate training.

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10255832_10154247320815691_3514653066889688355_oThe Benefits of Running

One of the major concerns for office workers is the sedentary lifestyle. We wake up, drive to work, where we sit all day at our desks in front of a computer, after that we drive back home, sink into our favorite armchair in front of the TV, and then go to bed. And we keep doing the same thing day after day. It turns out that we spend at least 80% of our lifetime sitting. Besides, can you imagine a stuffy office with lots of computers, mobile phones, printers and other office equipment? They all affect our health, causing joint and spinal problems as well as cardiovascular diseases. One day, when you get up from your chair and your knees hurt or when you experience unbearable back pain in the middle of the day, you begin to understand the importance of movement.

And the most accessible physical activity (not least in terms of costs) is running. You can run anytime, anywhere. And, most importantly, running is an excellent way to reduce back and joint pain. Besides, it is a way to prevent cardiovascular diseases. Running increases your heart rate, accelerates your blood circulation and helps your body get rid of toxins and wastes.

Another advantage of running lies in its positive influence on your emotional state. You have probably heard the phrase that “when you run, your body releases the “happiness hormone””. It’s not just words, it’s a scientifically proven fact. The “happiness hormones” are nothing more than endorphins, substances produced in the brain. They increase your resistance to stress, relieve pain and improve your mood. So, when you start to run on a regular basis, the chronic fatigue syndrome that affects most office workers will disappear and you will have higher resistance to stress.

And finally, long runs induce the release of growth hormone, which helps to preserve youth.

Advantages of Corporate Sporter Run Training

The main purpose of the club Sporter Run is to show people all the benefits of running and cultivate a culture of running in the Moldovan society. The number of club members is constantly growing, which proves that we are on the right track.

10329771_10154247319835691_3516425421451394149_oNow we decided to popularize running among the employees of different companies and organizations. In order to achieve this goal, we launched a new option – “corporate races”. These are training sessions, which will be held separately for each organization. When you are training together with people you know, firstly, you feel more comfortable. Secondly, corporate training is a kind of team building. It helps unite the team, find common interests and form friendly relationships. The teams will have the opportunity to participate in official races and even go abroad to participate in the international marathons. Thirdly, corporate training motivates and encourages you. You are striving to improve your skills, achieve better results, work on yourself to keep up with the others. This nullifies the number of missed workouts as no one would like to hear: “What a shame, you’ve missed another training run”.

I think that a competent director should encourage physical activity of his employees. For example, specialists who deal with chemicals are given milk, because they work in harmful conditions. So, running is a kind of “extra milk” for office workers. Large foreign companies promote fitness breaks during the day. Among other things, it helps to create a positive image of the organization. This is the culture of running. And we would like to cultivate the same culture here in Moldova.

When will you start to make progress?

Now let’s look at the figures. We are not talking about a marathon or a half-marathon right now. Let’s take a 10 km race at first. Does running a 10K seem impossible to you? It is the fear of the distance that slows you down. The most common excuse I hear is, “I can’t do it”. But after a while, those who said so, ran 10 km races and marathons. The main thing is to make an effort and come to the first training session. And then to the second one. And you will be eager to start the third one.

You can learn to run a 10K within a month, after only 10 training sessions, even if you are a beginner. Of course, there are individual factors, but my experience proves that the majority of people are able to run a 10K after a month of regular training, as if they have been doing it all their life.

And one more thing. 10 km is an hour, an hour and a half maximum, which is the length of any standard workout or the time you spend on Facebook every day. If you spend the same amount of time on running two or three times a week, you will improve your physical fitness and will get a new avatar depicting you in cool workout clothes.

The Chisinau Marathon is a little less than two months away. If you apply for the Sporter Run training program right now, in April you will be able to run a 10 km race held in the framework of the marathon together with your colleagues, wearing your branded T-shirts.

About the Schedule of Corporate Training Sessions

First of all, we shall develop a convenient training schedule for your company. We shall start with the basics: how to choose clothes and shoes for running, how to warm up and cool down after a workout in order not to be sore the next day. You will learn the proper running technique which will speed up your progress. And we shall also pay attention to nutrition and rehabilitation.

The secret of success lies in the complex approach to running. This is what the running club Sporter Run offers you.


Interviewed by Irina Coreachina