There is expected a perfect weather for Chisinau Marathon


The weather forecast for the days of Chisinau Marathon and other events related to it promises to be a really autumn one, but without rains.

On Friday, September 29, begin the events that foreshadow the start of Chisinau Marathon. Today, everyone who has registered and paid the participation fee, starting with 14:00, can come to get his race kit.

The air temperature during this day will warm up to 15 degrees, the sky will be clear all day, and the clouds won’t make it any darker. No precipitation. So put on something a little bit warmer and come to receive your race kits, and take a look at the arrangement of the sports town in the Great National Assembly Square.

Saturday, September 30, promises to be an eventful day. The weather will stay clear and sunny, so there won’t be any obstacles for holding the race for young athletes – KIDS RUN DAY, the start of which is planned at 10:00. By this moment the air temperature will vary from 10 to 15 degrees, so you should dress your future champions a little bit warmer.

Besides this, the guests of the sports town will be able to participate in different contests, active trainings and master classes.

Also, do not forget about the Grand Merci Pasta Party, that will start at 17:00 on the territory of Food Zone BarBar. By this moment temperatures will rise up to 15 degrees, so nothing will stop you from enjoying your delicious portion of pasta. And do not miss the briefing at 18:00.

For Sunday, October 1, the forecast promises a perfect marathon weather.


Note that the perfect weather for a marathon is the cool one. More specifically, the optimal temperature is considered the one from +10 to +18 degrees. Lower temperatures are also good, but they require adequate clothing. Higher temperatures require such measures as consuming more liquids, measures to cool the body, reducing the running pace at the beginning of the distance.

In Chisinau, the temperatures during the marathon will vary from 10 to 14 degrees! More than that, meteorologists promise cloudy weather, which will provide more comfort to the participants, especially to those who have chosen the marathon and half marathon distances.

The wind is northeastern, light, from 2 to 4 meters per second.

No rain, as for the previous days.

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Participants should provide themselves with warm clothes to wear before the start and after finishing the marathon.

Also Sporter recommends – since the weather on the day of the marathon promises to be exactly the same as the previous day, you can go out on Saturday at 9:00 for an easy morning run to see which set of clothes suits you best.

As you can see, even the weather this year is on the marathoners’ side!