The third Chisinau International Marathon has gathered about 17 000 of participants


The third edition of Chisinau International Marathon, which gathered about 17 000 participants, has ended, giving everyone lots of unforgettable emotions.


On October 1, 2017, the Great National Assembly Square became the center of attraction for all those who practice running and lead an active lifestyle. Among the participants of today’s race were not only local runners, but also many foreign sportsmen, for whom Chisinau Marathon has become a new experience in their running career.


This year, the organizers implemented a new competitive distance, in which those who do not have any running experience could test their powers – 5 kilometers. The fastest among women on this distance have become:

  1. Botnari Mihaela – 20 minutes and 40,6 seconds
  2. Ruleac Inna – 22 minutes and 28,3 seconds
  3. Capmare Valeria – 22 minutes and 35,8 seconds

The first to run this distance were:

  1. Clayton Strycer – 16 minutes 20,5 seconds
  2. Nicolaev Dumitru – 17 minutes
  3. Pavlenco Nicolai – 17 minutes 13,9 seconds

The fastest men on the 10 km distance have become:

  1. Răileanu Maxim – 35 minutes 51 seconds
  2. Bizniuc Mihail – 35 minutes 52 seconds
  3. Lupușor Sandu – 37 minutes 17,6 seconds

Among women the fastest were:

  1. Tcaceva Iuliana – 42 minutes 32,5 seconds
  2. Ciocan Daniela – 44 minutes 57,7 seconds
  3. Oancea Iuliana – 45 minutes 11,5 seconds

The half marathon distance was first conquered by men:

  1. Țâmbalist Ghenadie – 1 hours 12 minutes 57,5 seconds
  2. Ciobanu Roman – 1 hours 14 minutes 41 seconds
  3. Croitoru Liviu – 1 hours 17 minutes 07,2 seconds

The fastest women on the 21 km distance were:

  1. Fisicovici Lilia – 1 hours 23 minutes 27,2 seconds
  2. Clipca Natalia – 1 hours 28 minutes 52,25 seconds
  3. Bondarenco Victoria – 1 hours 33 minutes 23,6 seconds

The first to run the 42 km distance were:

  1. Gorbușco Nicolai – 2 hours 26 minutes 36 seconds
  2. Cebotari Tudor – 2 hours 43 minutes 25,1 seconds
  3. Bimbaș Oleg – 2 hours 50 minutes 14,5 seconds

And on the same distance the first women have become:

  1. Smovjenco Olesea – 2 hours 48 minutes 35,1 seconds
  2. Bohomeahcova Cristina – 2 hours 49 minutes 36,4 seconds
  3. Zbârnea Natalia – 2 hours 58 minutes 21,1 seconds

The organizers of Chisinau International Marathon thank all those people who visited today the Great National Assembly Square and supported with their presence all the marathon participants. And special thanks from the organizers to the runners, who found the courage to conquer the given distances.


The organizers of the third Chisinau International Marathon express their special gratitude to the partners of the marathon: general partner Kaufland network of hypermarkets, Puma, provider of laboratory and diagnostic medical services Synevo, Herbalife, Iute Credit, Moldova Agroindbank, electronic manufacturer Lenovo, Publica TV channel, Hyundai, water provider OM, Metro network of shops, Oriflame, Garmin, LG Electronics, mobile network operator Moldcell, Siberian Health, Alpari, MultiSport store, Top Shop, Red Bull, ITLab, the programme “Support to Confidence Building Measures”, funded by EU and implemented by UNDP, BarBar restaurant, Grand Mersi, Mezellini, tea provider Tess, Jardin coffee, Naturalis juices, tourism equipment store and agency for extreme travels X-STYLE, Dyninno, Volta store, Skoda, Orient network of pharmacies, sports store AIMO, 22 Store network of shops, sports store 21K Sports, and also the center of regenerative medicine KinetoTerra. And special thanks to the National Inspectorate of Police and Chișinău City Hall.