The testing of Chisinau marathon timing system

IMG_4330On Saturday, March 28 at Dinamo stadium has been tested timing system, with help of which will be recorded the results of the Chisinau International Marathon on April 26.

The system manufacturer is a German company, Race Result, which annually serves about 3000 sporting events all around the world.

IMG_4245For the test on stadium were gathered about thirty runners of the club Sporter Run, and a few representatives of the company Petrom-Moldova, the general sponsor of the Chisinau International Marathon. Everybody received special microchip numbers and ran three different distances: 650 meters, 1300 meters and 2600 meters.

The fact that on Saturday was a very rainy and wet weather, the timing system has passed the test not only on accuracy but on durability to.

11053132_700620786750040_4059072695193031138_oWe are glad, that so many people came to help us. Due to this fact we could test the system properly and made sure that everything works perfectly”, – says Hugo, the representative of the company Race Result, that came to Moldova especially for the system testing.

IMG_4366This is a passive timing system, that allows to receive results with an accuracy till two tenth of a second. It works with the help of a transponder, a device that transmits and responds the signal. Every runner receives a starting number, in which is integrated a chip. The signal from the chip is received by transponder, then through a special program these data, in our situation time and speed of the participants, forms in results, that automatically are arranged in a order in the table and are immediately available online”, – explains the expert.

11051931_700620466750072_2776832502716937026_oThe timing system of the company Race Result is used by a few International Marathons. For example, the last one passed a few weeks ago in Jerusalem. Every year we serve about 3000 sporting events around the world”, – adds the expert of the Race Result.

IMG_4492The organizing team of the Chisinau marathon thanks all the runners that came to help us in this cold rainy day!


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