The staff of Terranet Company is preparing for Chisinau Marathon

IMG_3663In the evening, 15 Terranet employees met in the park Valea Morilor with the professional Sporter Run club coach, Liviu Croitoru, to prepare for the second International Marathon Chisinau.

IMG_3397The coach held a light workout and muscles warm up before the run. After that, all together ran around the lake, keeping a certain spped to run around keeping pace with each other.

IMG_3447Having run a few kilometers, Liviu Croitoru held an effective cool down, but it was not the final task of the coach. After certain running and physical exercise, Terranet team ran into the woods to feel the forest climbs, descents and various obstacles.

IMG_3465Following the coach, the runners were able to accomplish everything planned at the beginning of training. Having taken general photos, Terranet team thanked the coach for the evening training, promising to meet at the Chisinau Marathon on April 17, given that many of them will take part in races on different distances. Even their partners from Denmark will take part in Chisinau Marathon.

IMG_3598Terranet Company is an IT team that is working on the Moldovan market for many years. The main services, offered by the company include complex web solutions, such as programming, graphics support, SEO and SMM. In addition to this, Terranet has a department, which creates mobile applications and games that are already on the Apple AppStore.

IMG_3417Terranet team leads a sports lifestyle. Many of the team members come to work by bicycles, trying not to use public transportation, promoting an active lifestyle.

IMG_3514Terranet has great vision and is trying to develop the web-industry at both the national and international level, because they basically have to work with foreign clients.

IMG_3533Many companies have already prepared for the second Chisinau Marathon, which will be held on April 17, 2016. For the second consecutive year, more than 10,000 athletes will run through the streets of Chisinau. Maybe this is the friendly staff that will be able to qualify for the title “Best sports team of Moldova” by taking part in the 10 km race!


David Lutsyk for