The detailed guide for Chisinau Marathon participants

rulesLess and less time remains till the International Chisinau Marathon. The day Х is at Sunday, the 1st of October, 2017. Remember this date; this is already an historical event! Do not lose your chance to become a part of it and register now (if you did not do it already)!

All the necessary information the participants can find out in the following guide.



11187189_722239174588201_751426994400161816_oOnline registration is available ONLY till September 29 inclusive. September 29 and 30 the latecomers will have the chance to register in the Sport Expo area (Great National Assembly Square), but in this case we cannot guarantee, that you will get a T-shirt of your size. Also remember, that if you have registered but did not pay the starting payment, you are not included in the final list of participants of the Chisinau Marathon.

The tent for registration and issue of the starter packs will begin its activity on September 29 at 14:00.

Working hours:

September 29: 14:00 – 19:00
September 30: 10:00 – 19:00

During these hours in the tent with the inscription “REGISTRATION” registered participants can receive personal starter number with an electronic chip, and starter pack which includes T-shirt, informational bulletin and pleasant surprises from partners.

Attention! In order to receive pack you need to show a document that will prove your identity. The issuance to another person is possible, but also after presenting the document/copy of the participant document.

At the same time will be available additional registration of the participants that did not pay the starting payment, they will have the chance to do that.

April 26, in marathon day, will be ONLY issued starter packs ONLY to the participants that are already registered and have paid the payment in advance.

The working hours of the tent on October 1: 06:00 – 08:00.



11174572_722253081253477_6928077443305817724_oEvery participant along with starter pack receives starter number with build in electronic chip. The numbers will vary depending of the distance, that the athlete is running and starter cluster.


  • 5 km – GREEN color
  • 10 km – YELLOW color
    21 km – BLUE color
    42 kmRED color


3. Cluster

11060292_722238967921555_9070235408902139138_oAt start all athletes are divided in groups, depending on the expected finish time, that is specified during registration. These groups are called clusters. The fastest athletes, going to the result start first, in order to avoid delays because of slow runners.

As part of the Chisinau marathon will be THREE clusters:

FAST (the finish time till 3 o’clock and 30 minutes for marathoners, 1 hour 30 minutes for semi-marathoners, 40 minutes for 10 km);

MEDIUM (finish time 3 o’clock and 30 minutes – 4 hours for marathoners, 1 hour 30 minutes – 2 hours for semi-marathoners, 40 – 60 minutes for 10 km);

SLOW (finish time more than 4 hours 15 minutes for marathoners, more than 2 hours for semi-marathoners and more than 60 minutes for 10 km).

Closest to the start line are placed athletes of fast cluster, behind them – medium cluster, and last one – slow. Pay attention and take a place in your cluster.


4. The attaching of start number

11194631_720918961386889_5838320802575138343_oThe start number is attached STRICTLY in the front (on the chest or abdomen). The pins are inserted in four special HOLES by the number corners. Electronic chip is integrated in number and covered with white protective strips. These strips damage is FORBIDDEN! Also you can’t cover the number with your outerwear.

Beside, start number have to be ALWAYS at sight for organizers, judges and volunteers.

With your number you can also use storage room, situated near Start area.



11174491_720927501386035_1000956238682354749_oAmateur distance Fun Run on 1,5 km has more a fan, than competitive nature. Results are NOT fixed by timing system, respectively participants DO NOT receive start numbers.

The issue of commemorative T-shirts to the participants will be on Sunday, October 1, from 06:00 till 08:00, in a special tent with inscription “FUN RUN”. The first will receive commemorative T-shirts organized groups from school and universities, and the participants that have registered earlier through the website. The rest of the participants will receive T-shirts at the entrance in start corridor.



11169504_720926328052819_8745458566850516228_oOfficial Start will be given at 09:00!

Start – is common for all distances, but the Fun Run participants run through one corridor, and the race participants to 5, 10, 21 and 42 km – through other.

The alignment on the start line will begin at 08:00. The access to the start corridors will be closed till 08:50.



11187177_720918148053637_7272931589593809450_oFor the participants on 5, 10, 21 and 42 km on the route will work two food items, where participants can reinforce their powers with bananas and oranges, quench first and go to the toilet. They are placed every 5 km at the extreme edges of the route (bul. Dacia intersection with Roses str.; Stefan cel Mare bul. intersection with Toma Ciorba str.). Additional food item will be working at finish area, for finishers.




On the route will be placed three checkpoints on which with the help of timing system from the chips, integrated in participants starter numbers, is counted time and travelled distance.

The checkpoints will be placed at two extreme edges of the route (bul. Dacia intersection with Roses str.; Stefan cel Mare bul. intersection with Toma Ciorba str.), as well as in the Start and Finish area.

For your result to be recorded, first of all make sure that your starter number was attached correctly. When passing the checkpoints is necessary to pass a special corridor that will be marked with words “TIMING SYSTEM”.

The time limit for passing the longest distance of 42 km – is 6 hours.

Detailed updated schedule for all three days of the Chisinau Marathon program is available in section “Schedule” on this link.