Sports store 21K Sports – official partner of Sport Expo


Sports store 21K sports has become the official partner of Sport Expo as part of the third Chisinau International Marathon, that will take place on October 1, in the Great National Assembly Square.

21K Sports is a new sports store which brings together all the important brands for the comfort, security and correctness of sports trainings. Our passion is the tendency to conquer new horizons! That’s why we have gathered together all the innovative brands that will help you discover your new limits!

Our company is the official representative of inov-8 (England), COMPRESSPORT (Switzerland), HAD Originals (Germany), F-Lite (Germany),  KidneyKaren (Germany) in Moldova, and we are working directly with producers. The main goal of our store is to offer innovative products from top sports world brands at best prices!


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inov-8 company, founded in 2003, is one of the world’s leading producers of footwear, clothing and accessories.

The roots of our company are deeply planted in the muddy British hills, but, during these years, we have optimized our products to meet the specific features of all landscapes we’ve travelled on!

All our products are light, minimalistic and functional. In the footwear from Inov-8 you will feel free during running on all types of surfaces, overcoming all the obstacles!

While designing our products, we focus on the contact of the sole with the surface, so that the runner would feel its changes and adapt to them.

The modern technologies used in the process of producing our footwear, give the athlete complete control of the situation during running on any types of surface, either asphalt road, gravel, rough terrain, snow, hills or mountains!

Thanks to our technologies, athletes can benefit from maximum comfort during running, and it gives them the possibility to get the best results!

Whether it’s racing, triathlon, sky or trail running, inov-8 is the brand for those who are looking for new adventures and overcome their own limits!


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Passion for trainings, passion for extreme races, passion for discovering new limits! Passion is what moves us to new horizons! And the passion of COMPRESSPORT is to create perfect, unique and comfortable products.

The legend of world sports, the Swiss brand COMPRESSPORT is an innovative leader in producing compression textiles.


Professional athletes choose COMPRESSPORT and it redeems their trust, because COMPRESSPORT team has obtained more than 25 championship titles in sports as triathlons, ultra trail marathons and cycling.


COMPRESSPORT products for professional sportsmen and amateurs of healthy lifestyle help you:


  • improve your sports results
  • reduce fatigue
  • reduce muscle spasms, injuries
  • recover fastly and efficiently after physical efforts


Using COMPRESSPORT products during physical exercises means:


  • a better blood circulation
  • reducing the accumulation of toxins
  • a sense of reliability in muscle support during exercises
  • an effect of “light feet”


HAD Originals


HAD Originals company produces headwear and different sports accessories. H.A.D. is operating in Germany and has been in top positions for more than 10 years. Compliance with European standards and German pedantism guarantee the high quality of HAD Originals products, and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 confirms that the company uses only eco-friendly dyes, so you shouldn’t worry about your or your children’s health.

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The brand that won the trust and love of many ladies all over the world, KidneyKaren, is produced in Germany. In our store you can find the widest range of colours of KidneyKaren products!


The opening of the store is planned for October, 2017, in “JUMBO” shopping center. At the opening you will get a -21% discount! Follow our news on our Facebook page: