Sporter Corporate Run. CCF/HHC Moldova organization

Do you want to inculcate the spirit of sportsmanship in your company? Sign up for the corporate training program offered by the running club Sporter Run.

It’s never too late to start. And if you start right now, on April 26, 2015 your team will be able to participate in the 10 km race held within the framework of the first Chisinau International Marathon. And maybe your company will be awarded the title of “Best Sports Team of Moldova”.

For more information about corporate training, please contact us at +373 79996926 or

17901_702943946517724_8722225183277048697_n“Running — is great! Running with team — is even greater!” This is the conclusion made by the members of CCF/HHC Moldova organization, which used the option “Corporate training” from the running club Sporter Run.

CCF/HHC Moldova — is a social non-governmental organization, the representation of British Charity Foundation Hope and Homes for Children, in Moldova.

11041670_702943389851113_2026720470033270723_nCCF/HHC Moldova supports Chisinau Marathon, first of all by helping recruit volunteers.

10957005_702943286517790_7148263929112974283_nThe representatives of the organization, about 15 people, went for a run in the Park Valea Morilor, under the guidance of the professional trainer Liviu Croitoru. It is already a tradition, not to run less than one circle around the lake (2,5 km).

11129643_702943436517775_6478846262827127620_n– Wonderful race! First time ran with the collective, as a team. I outdid my expectations, thought that I will not be able to run more than 200 meters. But I ran a whole circle and I am going to run one more now. I am not ready for a sterling marathon this year, but I will absolutely run 10 km within the marathon. But I promise to train to participate at the next year marathon, — says Serghei Busuioc, director of resources in CCF/HHC Moldova.

11049107_702943793184406_4775341238282846576_nTatiana Scutari — the activist of the running club Sporter Run, participates at trainings for a long time.

— I run with the club Sporter Run. Liviu is a great coach that is why I gladly supported the company management idea to arrange a corporate training. Many people were sure, that they would not be able to run even 100 meters, but ran a full circle. You see by yourself everyone is happy and eager to continue the training. I think we will not stop at today training and will prepare to be ready to run 10 km at Chisinau marathon. As for me, I have already sign up, — tells Tatiana Scutari, the specialist in communication field of the CCF/HHC Moldova.


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