Sport Pitt sports nutrition store will take part in the Sport Expo

Sport Pitt sports nutrition store will present their products at the exhibition Sport Expo, which will take place in Chisinau, on the Great National Assembly Square, on April 15-17.

sport-pitt copySport Pitt specializes in sports nutrition. All the products, presented in the shop, are certified in the US, Europe and in the Republic of Moldova.

Offered products are the sports nutrition for those, who lead an active lifestyle. Sports nutrition can increase the strength and endurance, and improves health. It has no negative impact on digestion, but does not replace a full meal. At the same time, products are not related to doping.

bio-energy-gel bio-energy-shot-25

On the Sport Expo exhibition, only a small part will be represented of the Sport Pitt store range, associated with the running sports.

Visitors will have the opportunity to purchase energy and revitalizing gels, specially designed for athletes stayers. Thanks to the microelements contained, this type of sports nutrition is perfect for grueling trainings and competitions.

At the exhibition, there will also be presented a lot of refreshing fluids and energy sources. Drinks in this category may not just make up for the liquid balance, but also to recover energy. Additionally, through carefully balanced ingredients, the liquids will help to cope with cramps in the muscles, support the water-salt balance and breathe in a portion of energy into the athlete. The undeniable advantage is the ability to use them “on the fly” during the competition.

bio-go-protein-bar-40  bio-l-carnitine-3000mg

Separate categories are energy bars, which are also a very important element in the nutrition of athletes. The effective combination of vitamins, amino acids and other beneficial elements allow coping with fatigue and recovering after a workout.

This and much more will be available at the Sport Expo exhibition at the Sport Pitt stand.

Sport Expo will be held in the Great National Assembly Square. It will be held for three days, on the 15th, 16th and 17th of April.