Social campaign: Share warmth at Chisinau Marathon (Video)

Снимок экрана 2017-09-30 в 15.33.47

There is less than one day left until the start of the largest sports event – Chisinau International Marathon. This marathon will be held for the third year in a row, and each time the organizers find new ways to make the event even more interesting and amazing.

This year, the organizers propose to establish a new tradition – to share warmth!

Chisinau Marathon that will take place on October 1 is like a border between warm and cold days. Each day the temperature becomes lower and lower, and the wind is colder. Thus, during the days of marathon, meteorologists promise a comfortable weather for running, approximately 14-15 degrees. But, in the morning you will still feel the consequences of night frosts.

The organizers invite all athletes to take some warm clothes beside their sports equipment, to wear them before the start. But the clothes should be the ones you don’t wear anymore! If you have coats, jackets, sweaters, pants or any other clothes that you no longer wear, we suggest you wear them at the marathon!  Before the start, you will wear these clothes, saving the warmth that’s so important for a sportsman, and throw them at the start moment. And, because you don’t need these clothes anymore, the organizers will gather them, arrange, and then give them to people in need.

Thus, you will give a warm gift to the people who really need it! Together we can make the tomorrow day not only a sportive holiday but also a warm one!