Run 5 km at Chisinau Marathon as a family


We remind you about the new 5 km distance at Chisinau International Marathon. This distance will be very easy to overcome not only for you, but for your entire family!

During Sporter group trainings, many companies have proved to themselves that a cooperative running strengthens the corporate spirit, bringing a relationship of trust into work communication. The same rule applies to a family.

When a family member begins to follow an active and healthy lifestyle, the changes now also affect other members. The first one to join the runnings are the kids – they already spend the whole day running back and forth, now you only need to channel their energy in the right direction and on the right route.

And now you already have the majority. By the moment you decide to participate at the third Chisinau Marathon, that will take place on October 1, in a festive atmosphere, your beloved will have no choice but to join these freshly minted sportsmen.


When you register as a family for the 5 km distance, you will spend less than an hour for the whole route, but you will fulfill your weekend with unique emotions and a common victory!

Also, each participant will get beautiful finisher medals, that will remind every member of the family of the first obstacle overcome together.

More than that, the official partner of the distance, Herbalife company, promises to give the participants of this family race pleasant surprises.

In order to participate at this race, you need to register now and pay the participation fee, because the number of participants is limited to 1000 people.

The participation fee for 1 person at the 5 km race is 300 lei. Each participant will receive a race kit, which includes an official T-shirt, a backpack, the participant’s number, an informative booklet and surprises from the partners of the event.