Multisport store supports Chisinau International Marathon


The multibrand sports store Multisport has become the partner of the most important sports event of the year – Chisinau International Marathon.

Recently opened, the first in Moldova multibrand sports store has gathered a large range of products for the most popular types of sports in our country under one roof.

World brands, such as 4F, Mizuno, Skechers, Speedo, Adidas Kombat, Molten, Joerex, Mesuca, Sponeta are represented in the new store directly by the producing companies.

Those who admired the Russian «Спортмастер» and other foreign multibrand giants can rejoice. Because now there is also a noteworthy sports «supermarket» in our country.


Who and what?

The author of this project is Power Team company, which has worked for 16 years on the sports nutrition and professional equipment market in Moldova. Vladimir Smirnov, general director of the company, tells that the idea of creating such a store has concerned him for 15 years. It wasn’t easy to realize, because these kinds of projects demand great effort and thorough knowledge about many types of sports and the equipment necessary for them.

Besides this, the organizers of the project have set for themselves two ambitious objectives. First of all, to represent all the brand directly, without intermediaries. Second of all, to offer the customers good prices, able to compete even with the prices of foreign Internet giants. Surprisingly, but they accomplished both of these things.

However, attractive prices for consumers, although a very important aspect, but it still stands on the second place in the list of Multisport priorities. On the first place is the high quality of the products. That means sneakers shouldn’t be just a shoe layout, but to perform a variety of functions, providing the athlete with comfort, protection from injuries, and helping him in achieving better results.


Sneakers in the store are offered by Mizuno. This is a Japanese company, a global brand, represented and well-known all over the world. Runners know it very well, and for sure ordered or bought its products abroad at least once. In Multisport you’ll find both new and last year’s collections, at reduced prices. If you compare the prices for a certain model in Multisport and in a well-known English online store, then the Internet giant will have a price of about 63 euros, when in the new Multisport it will be only 45 euros (equivalent in MDL). And, in addition, in an online store you will have to pay the shipping, and it’s also very hard to guess the right size/midsole drop/convenience. At the opening in the store, about 100 models of this brand’s sneakers were presented.

Another shoe brand presented in the new store is Skechers – an American youth footwear manufacturer. Skechers shoes are made in a sports design and are most comfortable for walking, everyday wear. The quality of the foam is very high – its shock-absorption is so good and pleasant, that sometimes you don’t even feel these shoes on your feet. There are many models presented in the store, that differ by design and features, so everyone will be able to pick up something that satisfies their tastes and needs. It should be noted that, unlike Mizuno, Skechers mades footwear precisely for everyday wear, and not for professional sport.



Clothes in Multisport are also offered by Mizuno. Besides sneakers, the company is also famous for its kimonos. Japan and France national judo teams dress up only at them. In Multisport store you’ll find different types of kimonos of this brand, from cheap – for young judoists, to professional, produced directly in Japan. Also, Mizuno makes amazing running clothes, which can be found on the new store shelves.

Another clothing brand which you’ll find there is the Polish 4F company. A very interesting brand, combining high quality, chic design and reasonable prices. The assortment is wide, so you can pick yourself without difficulty a whole set from socks to…


Equipment and other

The subdivision of products for fighters is provided by Adidas Combat Sport. Multisport has become the official representative of the brand in Moldova. The range includes gloves, shin guards, rash guards, sacks, punch bags and other products for fighting sports.

Bicycles are provided by Giant and Cube brands. There are also many products for other types of sports, for example special laces for triathlon, Speedo swimming clothes, etc.

And, of course, there are exercise machines, sports nutrition and energy drinks in assortment, products on which PowerTeam specializes for a long time.


What attracts buyers

Сounterfeit goods in case of Multisport are out of question, because the store only works directly with the brands. Here much work is being done to ensure that the offers are better than those of competitors. The assortment is being constantly renewed, there are discounts for regular customers, also a guarantee on many things, and the store offers the latest collections all the time. In Multisport, the personnel listens attentively to athletes’ applications, being ready to fulfill their requirements and order everything needed.

Consultants are only professionals. All of them have passed special trainings and certification. Representatives of brands come to PowerTeam and organize different seminars.

Soon, the store plans to introduce an instrumental selection of shoes: the computer picks up the best model for you, based on the shape of your foot.

Much attention is paid to the comfort of all customers. There is a convenient parking, a ramp for the disabled, so that the Paralympic athletes will also be able to visit the store without problems.

If you haven’t been in the new store yet, we advise you to visit it. Surely you will leave it with a profitable purchase. The store is situated on 6/1 Decebal str. (opposite to JUMBO).