How to choose sporting equipment for your child


Sport is an interesting activity for children, which is very important for their development. That’s why they need to wear the right clothes and comfortable shoes, so as they are comfortable during workouts.

First of all, keep in mind the type of material of which the sporting equipment is made. Many parents think that the best sportswear is 100% cotton, but that’s not the case. The best training clothes do contain a certain percentage of synthetic fibers in order to maintain body heat and not absorb sweat.

Some sport suits feature mesh portions, which allow the skin to breathe. It is important to choose this type of equipment for dynamic sports activities such as running, which require much movement and increased physical effort.

Despite the fact that kids grow very fast and the clothes bought half a year ago get small and tight very soon, you should not buy a sports suit two sizes bigger for a long time ahead. Too long sports pants or too wide sleeves will make it difficult for your kid to do sports. That’s why you should better choose the right size.


It is important that sports equipment for children does not include a girdle or belt. The trousers should have an elastic waistband, nor too tight neither too broad, just to allow your kid to move freely.

Another important moment is the footwear for workouts. First of all, the foot must breathe. Lots of sneakers made in China, available on the market, are not the best choice for your child. They are made of cheap materials and do not allow the foot to breathe. Moreover, they may get torn in a few weeks. When incorrectly selected, footwear may also cause fungal infections.

Please bear in mind that sports equipment should be chosen depending on the type of sport your kid is doing and the time of the year when the workouts take place. Respectively, clothes for gymnastics class differ from football wear. As for winter sports, they require special sportswear. Likewise, you should take into consideration the environments for workouts: open air environment or the gym.

On the 30th of September, Kids Run Day will take place as part of Chisinau International Marathon, and now is the right time to choose the appropriate sports equipment and start workouts with your children.