Grand Mersi Pasta Party will improve your results at Chisinau Marathon

635986236934687518998391832_BruceFordyceinvitesyouthenextRunner'sWorldpastaparty1Before each big marathon is traditionally held a Pasta Party – a carbo-load with pasta! Thanks to our partner – Grand Mersi, the third Chisinau International Marathon won’t be an exception. If you have already registered and paid the participation fee, you will certainly taste this delicious and nutritious portion of pasta at Grand Mersi Pasta Party.

Pasta party is a mandatory ritual before each serious start, as the one that runners are now preparing for – everyone who has first-hand knowledge of running culture understands the importance of this event.

So, what is the importance? Pasta contains so-called long-lasting carbohydrates. These carbohydrates received their name due to the fact that they are slowly assimilated by the organism and provide the body with long-lasting energy. But not every kind of pasta contains these long carbs – only the ones made of durum wheat!

That’s why the participants will find in their race kits boxes with these types of pasta, especially the Farfalle type, and also this pasta will be cooked and served at Pasta Party. Thus, long-lasting carbs is the synonym for Grand Merci Pasta Party.

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Sports dietitians recommend to receive from 45% to 65% of calories from carbohydrates before the race (and the longer the distance, the higher the percent). Therefore, a high-carbohydrate lunch before competitions or trainings will help your muscles get enough glycogen.

The organizers took into account all the specialists recommendations, and therefore it was decided to held the Grand Mersi Pasta Party in the eve of Chisinau Marathon, and precisely on Saturday, September 30, in the Great National Assembly Square, in Food Zone BarBar.

Time: from 17:00 till 19:00. Each participant will receive a ticket for a free portion of pasta from Grand Mersi in his race kit.

The organizers of marathon invite all participants to the party, where not only will you reinforce your body, but also will have the chance to have a good time among other sportsmen and Sporter team.

Grand Mersi Pasta Party is waiting for you!

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