Chisinau International Marathon: guests

11109035_722257227919729_3218261723625625547_oAs you already know the sportsmen from up to 30 countries took part in the first Chisinau International Marathon! The runners from the neighbouring Romania and Ukraine, Russia,  Lithuania, Estonia, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, Finland, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Turkey, Italy, Israel… Some of them came from distant Canada, USA, Mexico…

Some of the foreigners, who arrived to Chisinau Marathon, have business relations, friends or relatives in Moldova, the others decided to visit our country for the first time, because it was new and interesting – a kind of “exoticism”.

10468474_720232458122206_2836749316097605498_oFor example, Horacio Lyon arrived from Chile at 5 a.m. right on the marathon date, ran 42 km having gained the 17th place at the total time of 3:47:34, and departed. According to him, participation at the Chisinau marathon represents an interesting experience, adventures, and a kind of challenge to yourself.

The first Chisinau International Marathon has been visited by the guests – experienced marathon runners having run through more than one hundred long- and short-distance races, and one of few women bound to run 100 km in Antarctic, members of OBSE Mission to Moldova, Peace Corps volunteers, representatives of the famous Russian amateur triathletes Trilife, Bucharest marathon promoters etc.

Let us get to know some of them better!

VICTOR ILIE, Romania, Braila

_S4A4515“I’m 63. I have been running for 23 years, since I was 40. Chisinau marathon is 196th in succession I will take part in. I was waiting for Chisinau marathon for a long time. At last!

Two weeks before Chisinau marathon I took part in a very difficult 104.4 km race in Patagonia, the south of Argentina. Mountainous area, 95% of the run situated in the mountains. I arrived there after three sleepless nights. The start kicked off in the night, at 00:00. I believe that I ran in quite a good time. Nobody but me has finished the race in my age category though there were many locals, Argentinians, Brazilians. I had higher ambitions, so I realised the task that I had set. And achieved my dream.

The next week after that I ran a marathon in Cluj. And now I am here in Chisinau. I can run every week and even every day. It’s my passion. There’s no secret at all!  Physical readiness has been developing over the years. And if you are prepared and love sport,  eat healthy, keep proper hours, then such exercises will be straightforward to you! You can achieve the results even in great age.

11169734_720932324718886_5330675561579775529_oSo the next week I run 42 km in Romania, in a neighbouring town, in another week will be held the Bucharest King’s marathon, on the 17th May – the Riga marathon, and so on. I have no time for the rest and even no wish for it!

I have a lot of friends from Moldova, some of them take part in Bucharest marathons. And I always asked them about the first marathon in Moldovan capital. I hope that Chisinau marathon will become a good yearly tradition! Besides you may organize a lot of long-distance races throughout the country and, why not – an ultra-marathon Chisinau-Iasi, for example.  It may be held as a relay race, it is not necessary for one person to run the total distance”.

ROSZA BRAUN, USA, the state of Illinois:

_S4A4508“I am a Peace Corps volunteer. I visited Moldova last year relevant to organisation activity. It is a beautiful country, especially in the summer! And here live nice friendly people.

I like to run and often take part in 5 km races in the USA. Once I took the 3rd place in such race, it was great!

11155072_720932478052204_2703387796869183777_oAnd now I found that the first international marathon would be held in Chisinau. I arrived in order to participate in it! I decided to try myself and run 10 km. It is a challenge for me, because I run such a distance for the first time!  A minimum task is to finish the race within time limit!

I like the atmosphere of waiting for this mega running event in the city. Everybody is excited and agog. Such contests represent an excellent way to promote the healthy living. So… Let’s RUN Chisinau!”.

ILIE ROSU, Romania, Adjud – Bucharest

_S4A4530“I’ve never been in Moldova before, despite the fact that it’s a neighboring country. Many years ago I gave a promise to myself: when I’ll come over here for the first time – that would be for participating in marathon. So it was so. Thank you for hosting a marathon I’ve been dreaming of.

Over the last 8 years I ran at 115 marathons. I started running in 2008. I made my dream come true in 2010, participating in Boston marathon. Thereafter I understood I need to find another goal. So I decided to take Romanian flag to all races and run with it. There have been 105 marathons so far, since 2010; I’ve run with the flag of my country and the flag of marathon hosting country, out of respect to organizers. So I’ll keep on with this tradition on Chisinau marathon and run with 2 flags: Moldova and Romania!

11010303_720921361386649_1573610965486751368_oWhat I did like, too, is that on the day before Chisinau marathon, there were races and competitions for children – Kids Run Day. That means you have younger generation, sportsmen, who will run 10th and 20th Chisinau marathon, who can make a difference in moldovan athletics”.

VASILY FOKIN, Russia, Moscow

_S4A4500I have come to Chisinau intentionally for partaking in the first international marathon. I’m running half-marathon. It’s not my first competitions with such a distance – I’ll be running 21 km for the 4th time in my life, I guess, and I’m really glad that it would be in Chisinau. This city is a part of my life – I was born and grown up here. But I have been living and working in Moscow for 15 years now.

The decision to come at the first Chisinau international marathon was taken right away. As soon as I saw the news about Moldavian capital, hosting such competitions, I knew exactly that I would participate! I enlisted on the first day.

I’m glad that Chisinau finally joined other cities, where such large run competitions take place, as marathon.

I have something to compare with. A month ago I was in Abu-Dhabi, saw the organization of Sport Expo out there, and saw the triathlon competitions in Denmark, in Moscow. What I saw at Chisinau marathon, at Sport Expo, is really impressive. Everything comes up to the mark. It’s a flying start! I think that it will get only better in the future.

Here in Chisinau, I represent Trilife club. It’s a famous network in Russia, joining triathlon and running fans. I will definitely tell my associates about Chisinau marathon and more members of our club will come here next year”.

ADRIANA ISTRATE, Romania, Braila – Bucharest

_S4A4539“Last November I participated in extreme ultra-marathon in the Antarctic on the South Pole. I was the first woman from Romania and the sixth in the world, who came to take part in that race.

Why exactly the Antarctic and how I worked up the courage?

I started running in March 2013 and get used to it. Back then I was low-spirited, practically in depression, and wanted to change something in my life.

After six months of trainings I ran the marathon in Bucharest. I thought to myself then: “Great, here I am, having run the marathon! I proved to myself that I can. But what now?”. Then I had a desire to achieve something more, for example, to run ultra-marathon of 100 km.

My choice happened to be the Antarctic, because it’s something incredible. When you finish such a race, you become a new man; you change and discover something new in your own self.

During the year I managed to get ready to it, as well as find sponsors, without which participation in such marathon would be impossible.

By the end of this year I’d like to finish 14 races more. The Chisinau marathon is the 8th one. This weekend I was going to marathon in Sicily, but then learned that the first international marathon would take place in the capital of Moldova. I’ve never been here before, so I decided to use that opportunity.

What’s going to be then? I’m going to do swimming and cycling. I want to participate in the most complicated Ironman triathlon. My objective is overcoming my own frontiers and achieve what seems to be impossible from the first sight!”.

11206504_720922008053251_3863246451088346846_oIrina Coreachina for