Charity Challenge: I’m running to save lives!

A4 engOn April 17, 2016, the streets of our favorite city will e filled with running participants of the second International Chisinau Marathon. Last year, the start line saw 10 thousand people, more than 1,500 of which were running at long distances at 10, 21 and 42 kilometers.

In collaboration with the organizers of the International Marathon of Chisinau, NGO “Save the Life” organizes the Challenge in support of “Save Life” fosterlings.

What is a Challenge?

This is a game in real time, where everyone becomes a participant of exciting events. Like any game, the Challenge has its rules.

The basic rule of our game: run 3 km or make a minimum donation of $ 10. And you might want to combine both requirements. We will be only happy if you do so!

How will it all happen?

We will select people from among our friends and throw down the challenge to them on the social network facebook. Each of them will have to either run a specified distance, by providing us with evidence in the form of a photo/video/other ways are welcome, or to make a donation.

After fulfilling one of the conditions, each challenge participant will call 3 of his friends to the Challenge, who will also have to execute the requirements of the game.

Task execution period – 3 days.

Take part in our Challenge!

Test your strength!

And do not forget to support us in the social network facebook, reposts and active participation are really welcome!

The first participants:

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