Run your first 5 km at Chisinau Marathon


We remind you about the new distance at Chisinau International Marathon – the 5 km one. This distance won’t be hard to overcome, but you will need to mobilize all your forces to show a good result.

On October 1, come to the central square of Chisinau, be ready to start at 9:00, run during 45 minutes and get your well-deserved medal!

Because the organism starts to react to efforts after 40-45 minutes of continuous running, the 5 km distance will be a comfortable “springboard” to a healthy lifestyle.

And if you can’t imagine what distance you will have to run, just think that it’s only 2 circles around Valea Morilor lake. So, in order to overcome this 5 km milestone, you don’t need to be a professional. Rather, this distance will become a perfect beginning for your professional running career. And the finisher’s medal that you’ll get at the end of the race will remind you of overcoming the first barrier in your sports life.

More than that, this relatively easy, physically speaking, distance offers you the possibility not to be alone at the start line. Your friends, colleagues, with whom you can form a corporate team, will support you during the whole route of the race.

If you will be able to form a team, we advise you to use the services of a professional coach, who will prepare each member of the team for achieving the best result.

We have developed two training options:

One-time trainings with our club coach: VIEW PRESENTATION

Or regular trainings with our club coach for having a better preparation and knowledge about the chosen distance: VIEW PRESENTATION

In order to participate in the race, you need to register now and pay the participation fee, because the number of participants is limited to 1000 persons.

The participation fee for the 5 km distance is 300 lei. Each participant will get a race kit, which includes an official T-shirt, a backpack, the participation number, and informative booklet and some gifts from the partners of the event.